Firsts retreads with the New Vipal VM540 produced at White’s Tires

April 29, 2019

Launched in the United States market, the design was developed to achieve high adhesion on both paved an unpaved roads


Seeking to ensure greater efficiency and profitability in the mixed segment operations, the new tread, with the exclusive Vipal design, was developed to obtain high adhesion in different surface types. Additionally, the design has the Eye Control technology, which assists the end user in identifying the tread's wear level. Through Eye Control, it is possible to identify anomalies in alignment, balance, and geometry and the suggested running time, as well as the time to remove the tire for further retreading. All this aiming at casing preservation and greater tire resistance.

Suitable for both paved and unpaved roads, the VM540 is designed for tire retreading in trailer and drive axles and is also optional for off-road and regional applications. The tread's design concept, with robust shoulders and slotted grooves resistant to damage caused by twists and turns, gives the product high performance under heavy load conditions and resistance to work in stop/start operations, avoiding both lateral and central aggressions.

It also features a compound with excellent abrasion wear resistance and groove protectors in its bottom design, which provides greater resistance to aggression and less rocks embedded in the tread, increasing the casing resistance and service life. The new tread's ribbed sides also offer resistance and protection against impacts and abrasives, besides providing good adhesion in different situations. This design feature helps the tread in shoulder flexibility and heat dissipation. Also, the tread groove structure is designed to offer moderate handling, contributing to regular wear throughout the surface's entire life cycle.