Vipal stands out at World Truck Toronto 2018

April 23, 2018

The company showed the VL110L Slim and VT220 treads, for snow use, among other products related to load transportation.


Vipal, a leader in Latin America and one of the world’s top tire retread manufacturers, attended the World Truck Toronto 2018, which ended on April 21, showing the Vipal VL110L Slim and VT220 snow treads as its main highlights on this editions.


In addition, the company’s booth on the International Center, in Ontario, Canada, welcomed several customers and partners, including fleet owners and administrators, and even truck drivers who were interested in knowing the products and services related to load transportation.


“Vipal Rubber is globally distinguished for seeking to develop products that fulfill different needs for each part of the world. This is the case of VT220, a rolling tread developed to work on snow or mud tracks, which has worked well for the European market and countries in the Northern hemisphere, due to the use of a compound specially developed to stand low temperatures and severe snowing conditions.


To prove this, the tread was recently 3PMSF verified (Alpine Symbol) in laboratory tests in Finland”, highlights the commercial manager NAFTA, Gabriel Fuma. The VT220 tread has transversal grooves on its design, that add to the stability of the blocks, which, in turn, have an excellent traction capacity. The deep grooves provide the blocks a better movement, enabling a self-cleaning tread and improved adherence on pavements.


Fuma was together with Vipal NAFTA’s regional manager, Antonio Brito, and Vipal’s Technical and Commercial Representative, Leonardo Oliveira. Among the main customers who visited the company’s booth during the three-day trade show were the distributor Michel Gagnon, from MG Tread Canada, and Tony Deonarain, from TRUCKCAP94, Vipal’s authorized retreader on the region.