Vipal Rubber is featured at MATS 2019, in Kentucky

March 28, 2019

Mid-America Trucking Show showcases the VT220 and VL130 ECO treads, which ensure greater efficiency of retreaded tyres on heavy-duty trucks


Vipal, a leading company in Latin America and one of the world’s top manufacturers of tyre retreads, will participate in another run of the Mid-America Trucking Show, which will take place between March 28 and 30 in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. This is Vipal’s fourth time participating in the event, which is considered the largest heavy-duty truck event in the world.

The brand’s booth will allow visitors to see products such as the proven VT220 line, one of the treads most widely used in the highway segment, for both medium and long distances. Produced with a special compound for low temperature travel, the VT220 is suitable for use in mud and snow, because its design ensures excellent drainage of water, snow and mud.

Moreover, visitors will also be able to get a closer look at the VL130 ECO line, a tread with low rolling resistance and low heat generation, in addition to being certified by the SmartWay program, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. For this round, Vipal will be represented by its Regional Manager, Antonio Brito, Commercial Manager, Gabriel Fuma, as well as the Vipal NAFTA Technician and Sales Rep, Amaramh Velazquez.